Holiday Home Improvement Ideas

Holiday Home Improvement Ideas

It is that time of year again.  We are all in the midst of the holiday craze with event after event and finishing up last minute projects to close out 2018.  And for some it can be a time where we finally can use the holidays to catch some much needed down time and start planning for our 2019 year.  So why not start thinking about those much needed home improvement projects now.

Start by prioritizing your projects from what is of most need in the home.  Is it extra space?  If that is the case maybe you need to consider finishing that unfinished basement or speaking with a contractor like ourselves on how you can expand the current home your in.  A great idea to consider is adding on a four season porch.

This provides some extra space for guests to relax and visit especially if you are known to host holiday gatherings.   To keep your room at a consistent temperature it is vital that you work with your contractor to ensure higher quality grade windows are installed.  Especially here in Minnesota where our winters tend to be a bit colder.  And if your existing space or home seems drafty or seems to not be securing air properly, it may be time to think about window replacements.  Our team at Lakewood Homes and Remodeling can walk you through the window installation process and types and styles.

But maybe you are fine with the space you are in but just want to give it a good uplift.  Some easy things you can do are some clean paint on the walls or maybe it is some back splash or new counter-tops in the kitchen.  Or maybe it is as simple as organizing your closets or cleaning out your cupboards or maybe attacking that junk drawer.

But if you are ready to impress your future house guests or looking to give a gift of a home remodel to your spouse this holiday season.  We are here to help.  Schedule a free home consultation today.

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