Home Additions To Increase Your Homes Value

Home Additions To Increase Your Homes Value

We get these questions on a fairly regular basis.  And as a homeowner you should always be thinking ahead on two things with your home remodeling projects.  First, the functionality of it and how it will best serve your family and second what type of re-sale value will it add to my home should I sell in the future.  So here is a guide to our top choices for home additions that we see most homeowners do.


One of the most common requests we get in the warm months here in Minnesota are decks.  Why?  Well when you consider the back of your home, one of the most valuable home additions most consider is adding a decking space/structure to enjoy our Minnesota summers.  It creates a natural hangout area for the family and a great place to grill.  And with the right choices of wood, decks can add some great appeal aesthetically as well.  There are typically three types of decks we price out for our customers.

Most common are green treated decks.  Though it is the cheaper option for a deck it comes with more maintenance throughout the years, including keeping up with the staining to ensure the wood does not rot over time.

A second middle of the road option to consider is cedar decking.

And when you don’t want to deal with the headache of maintenance on your deck, you will want to go with composite.  There are a wide array of composite decking options to choose from and railings as well.  Most of the cost with any deck will fall in what you choose for your railing choices.

These can range from standard wood railing, aluminum spindles or even wire cables.  No matter which option you choose, decks are a great value add to your home when it comes to re-sale value.

Three and Four Season Porches

Another common request we get are for three and four season porches.  When it comes to three season porches they can be a great addition to the house to get the feel of being outdoors on your deck without those pesky mosquitoes and bugs bothering you.  Though a three season porch will add some value to your home, when it comes to the re-sale of your property unfortunately the three season porch cannot count as additional square footage.  Which is why many homeowners opt for a four season porch.

Many homeowners here in Minnesota you will see with four season porches and decks attached alongside.

So you can still enjoy those views and summer nights outdoors but get the value add of somewhere to go when the bugs get pesky.  Four season porches are also great for re-sale because they have a heat source which will allow the homeowner to account for additional square footage in the home.  And it offers an additional getaway spot for the family in the cold winter months, to cozy up and read a book.


If you live in a one-level home or are not a fan of having a deck space.  A patio is another great option to add to your home.  It provides a spot for your family to hangout grill, relax and enjoy those rare warm months here in Minnesota.  Patios can range from wooden, bricked, stone or concrete to name a few.

And adding an amenity like a fire pit will also certainly increase your properties worth.  It is just another selling feature for potential buyers for another great spot to enjoy your evenings outdoors.

No matter what the project is our team is here to help you through the design and physical completion of the project.  Give us a call to discuss your next home project.

Brandon and Lisa

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