2021 Interior Home trends

2021 Interior Home trends

2021 is here and it’s bringing in some fresh new home decor trends.

Light Wood Tones

There has been a significant rise in incorporating lighter wood tones into homes. The Scandinavian inspired style of pairing quartersawn white oak cabinets in kitchen and baths paired with bright toned tops bring a clean and natural feel to the home. Lighter tones also give a room a sense of feeling more spacious and open.

Bold Wall Colors

We have been predicting this for awhile now. The time would come when minimalistic, all-white interiors would start coming to an end. For years, everyone has been making everything from walls to countertops bright white. And 2021 is coming in bold, and we are starting to see a change in pace, with bold dark walls making a comeback. Those looking to give their all-white interiors more excitement without adding bright colors can try adding bold dark neutral tones such as blacks, dark greys, dark blues.


Wallpaper Is Back

Think floral wallpaper, antique paintings, delicate china. Wallpaper brings some color back into the home and breaks up the overwhelming trend of to many whites and neutrals. The peal and stick wallpaper these days makes it so easy to bring some accents into the home.


Industrial Styling

Intermixing woods and metal we may start seeing more of in 2021.


Black Fixtures

Say goodbye to stainless steel fixtures.  One trend that is here to stay for awhile is modern matte black fixtures and cabinet pulls.


ShipLap and Farmhouse Trend is Heading Out

Thankfully we are finally seeing the rustic farmhouse trend making its way out as we are seeing more clean, modernistic looks coming back in. Shiplap has long been a trend since the 2010’s. You see it in so many new construction homes and many of our clients are still asking for shiplap material in the home. But there are other ways that are starting to trend to add texture to the home like Board and Batton.

The Natural Look

Clients are still ultimately looking for that natural look. From weaved jute rugs, plants, organic fibers. This look gives a home a calming effect and makes it your home feel warm and inviting yet simple.


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