2019 Remodeling Stats and Spending Trends


Thinking about remodeling in 2020?  You are not alone.  We did some research and are here to share some facts.  According to a report from the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, home improvement spending in the U.S. is up more than 50% since 2010.

So what is this exactly telling us?  Americans are spending on average more than $400 billion a year on residential renovations and repairs.  It is also telling us that homeowners across the country actively updating their existing homes versus selling and buying new.  In essence, the market continues to see a shortage of new construction and a reliance on aging housing stock that requires upkeep and repair.  Other factors include, higher housing prices that have delimited current owners spending power to buy and move up.  And with the increase in home improvement loans, and growing population of older homeowners who are financially equipped to pay for renovations.

The american market is seeing these “spenders” fall into three main categories: Homeowners using surging equity to make improvements, homeowners playing catch-up on deferred maintenance and updates, and rental property owners.  In this report the average expenditure on home improvements with no surprise varies by household income.  But 40% took on fairly cheap projects in the $2,500 or less category and 56% in the $5,000 or less.  And only 10% in the upwards of $20,000 or more range.  Keep in mind that these % of costs can change dramatically dependent upon household income.

Some of the most common home improvement projects through 2019:

  1. Replacing/Repairing Flooring and Ceilings
  2. Updating Plumbing and Cabinet Fixtures
  3. Built in Dishwasher and Garbage Disposal
  4. Updating Windows and Doors
  5. New Water Heaters
  6. New Roof
  7. Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels
  8. Adding Irrigation Systems
  9. Updating to Central Air
  10. Updating Electrical

Other popular remodels that our team has received alot of requests on: Decks, Three and Four Season Porches, New Home Builds and Home Additions.




Summer in Minnesota


Summers are short here in Minnesota and the warm temps are limited.  So when the temps start to warm up we take full advantage.  So how do you do summers in Minnesota?  Here is our list of Minnesota favorite summer activities!

Take in a ball game whether its the Twins or the Saints.  But you can also catch some fun town ball games.

One of our favorite things to do in the summer is hit up some local county fairs and of course the Minnesota State Fair.  There is almost always a new food or brew to try and lots of fun things to see!  And did you know that it is the second largest State Fair in the nation?  We always try to attend our local Wright County Fair.  You can find a list of local county fairs here.

There is nothing better than enjoying the great outdoors.  It is pretty much a given for our family to take a jaunt up north once a summer to the superior coastline.  The options are really endless, hikes through the Superior National Forest and scenic superior shoreline to secluding yourself in the Boundary Waters for some tenting and canoeing.  And of course stopping through Duluth to view the large boats that come in and out of the harbor, the kids are always amazed!

Want to do some local hiking with some views?  Head out to St. Anthony Falls and view the falls from the Guthrie’s endless bridge that jets over the Mississippi and follow the cobblestone path on St. Anthony Main to the Stone arch bridge – a Minneapolis landmark that spans 23 arches over the Mississippi.  And there is more, enjoy a scenic walk through Loring Park, it’s the central park of Minneapolis.  Or take a walk through Minnehaha and gaze up Minnehaha park’s 53-foot waterfall.

Of course it is a given right to most Minnesotan’s to hit the lakes in the summer.  Whether it is to the beach, or on a boat we all like to enjoy our summer nights on the water!

Hitting up the local parks and rec’s.  You can find rental pedal boats, kayaks, paddleboards, canoes and bikes from various parks and lake facilities making it fun to get out and enjoy Minnesota’s waters.  There are some great spots to hike out in our neck of the woods, including Lake Mariah State Park and Stanley Eddy to name a few.  Here is a list to all the parks throughout Minnesota. 

Local summer farmers markets!  There is nothing better than eating local fresh produce throughout the summer months.  Our local farmers market even offers incentives for the kiddos to stop out and shop and pick their own free produce!  You can find a list to local farmers markets in Minnesota here.

Get out and drink a Minnesota-brewed beer or wine – outside!  There are so many local brew houses and wineries in the area.  Check out the links below.

Minnesota Brew Houses.

Minnesota Wineries 

Basilica Block Party.  If you have not attended this outdoor music festival, you are missing out!  The streets of downtown Minneapolis flood with concert goers in front of the Basilica for two nights of great tunes.  This year it falls on July 12th and 13thhttps://www.basilicablockparty.org/

Minneapolis Aquatennial, enjoy some of the best fireworks in the nation and be part of the largest nighttime parade in Minnesota, or participate in the Torchlight 5k.

We always bring the kids to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum atleast once a year.  There is so much fun to be had viewing all the plants, trees and playscapes for kids.  It gets the kids out in nature!

Minnesota Renaissance Festival.  This event keeps showing up every year!  We are not a big fan of it but for others its a blast.  You can basically take a trip to a 16th century England like fantasy kingdom right here in Minnesota.

And you can’t forget the typical summer go-places for kiddos, including the Minnesota and Como Zoo, the Mall of America and of course Valley Fair!

Cheers to the heat and enjoying our wonderful state of Minnesota!

New Year, New Goals, New Homes


And just like that the holidays are over.  The tree made its way to the composite site and the decorations have been put away.  We took some much needed time to ourselves as a family to be present with our kids.  However, we hope you got some needed rest and downtime to reset for the new year.  And if you are like us, with two very young kiddos that rest time is few and far between.  Either way, we sure hope the holidays brought some rest and rejuvenation to start your new year off right.

As Brandon and I take a minute to reflect on 2018 and all that it encompassed, I think the right thought right now is “phew what a year.”  This past year has been an absolute whirl wind, we conquered and accomplished goals we thought were not achievable and grew exponentially both professionally and personally.  With every business and every part of each of our lives personal or professional we have our ebbs and flows, it is a natural part of our daily life cycle.  Things simply cannot always go the way we want them to.  But the goal is to take each challenge, face it dead in the face and push through it.  And the goal, to hopefully learn something valuable and apply it.

In 2018, our team completed over 30 RENOVATION PROJECTS from bathroom, kitchen and living room remodels to decks, siding, windows, doors, flooring and a complete overhaul of a corporate office space.  We highlighted some of our projects in the blogs gallery.  On the real estate side, Lisa closed a total of 14 closed sales for the year, selling $3.7M in property.  So in short, we are extremely grateful for every supporter and client for your business and support.  THANK YOU for believing in us.

But as we close the book on 2018 we look to 2019 with new goals and plans in mind.  And we cannot wait to share each new milestone along the way.

Wishing you all the best this new year!


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