Why build your dream home with lakewood homes and remodeling?

Why are we different from other custom home builders?  We have selectively built out a solid team of subcontractors over time that we know and trust to do the same craftsmanship that we promise to deliver to you.  We are not your average contractor, we have a hands on approach.  You will find your general contractor on-site working alongside his team versus in an office.  


Our custom home build process...

Building a custom home can quickly become overwhelming and confusing.  And we try to ensure the process does not become overwhelming but instead a joyful experience.

Consultation:  With any construction project it starts with an initial meeting.  We get to know you and what you are hoping to achieve.  From that point forward, we start road mapping next steps.

Print/Design Phase: We are open to working with your architect/drafter or we are able to put you in touch with ours.  We will work together to finalize the plans for your new home.  During this phase it is good to be in touch with your lender of choice.  Don’t have a new construction lender, we have a few we can connect you with!

Selections: As an important element in the final estimating and budget portion of your project, we will go through various rounds of selections on your home from flooring, paint, trim, cabinets and more.

Final Bid: Once we have our selections and final prints in place, we can work together with your lender to finalize numbers on the cost to build your dream home.

BreakGround: When all pricing is finalized and signed on.  We get to work on breaking ground on your new home!  We always encourage our clients to take photos on the first day of your dig!  This is a big day ahead of you as you build out your dream home!

Communication: During the entire home build process, our team will be in constant communication with you along the way.  Including providing you with updated photos on progress, site visits and weekly and monthly check-in’s on costs and progress.

Final WalkThrough/Home Orientation & Closing:  As we get closer to completion of your home, we will schedule a new home orientation and final walkthrough.  This is your chance to chat with the builder and get your questions answered.  We will walk you through every part of your new home to make sure you are comfortable before closing day.