We Know How Difficult Getting Started Can Be

Which is why our team makes the renovation process seamless and easy!

Creating Your Style

Our team will work in collaboration with you to help bring your vision to reality.  We ask our clients to bring their favorite Pinterest photos, magazine clippings and website images.  We’ll put together a vision board and work with you step by step on pulling your vision together.

Planning Your Remodel

Once we know your vision and what you are hoping to achieve.  We will put together design plans for your remodel and review it with you prior to getting started.

Let Us Help

At Lakewood Homes & Remodeling our goal is to ensure that when we are done you love the home you’re in.  It is the place where your family will grow and make memories.  Whether it is your new home you just purchased, a home your getting ready to sell or your lifelong home that is in need of some updating.  Our team has years of experience and will provide top quality work and leave you with a home to be proud of.

Here Is How We Can Help

No matter the size of the project all are treated equally.  We will work to put together a detailed plan and make sure we are on the same page before we even begin.

  • It Starts With An Appointment – It is important for us to get to know you and your style and what you are hoping to achieve.  Our team will come to your home and view your space.  The goal of this meeting is to get to know you and your home needs and hopes for your home project. We’ll review your space and discuss ideas and answer any questions you may have. This is an opportunity for you to get to know our company and will help us to build an accurate budget that will work within your needs.
  • Idea Generation – Before you meet with our team we ask our customers to put together an assortment of photos that include ideas and themes that express the style you are hoping to achieve.
  • We Do The ‘Legwork’ – Once we have an idea of your vision and what you are looking to achieve, we’ll set out to pull together design plans, budget and final project bid.
  • Our Presentation To You – Once we have taken appropriate measurements and pulled together final details on design.  We will present to you a final bid on estimated cost structure for your project and we can make appropriate tweaks from there.
  • What Happens Next? – Once we all agree on the pricing and final design specs.  We’ll get a final contract in place and get the appropriate contractors on the calendar and materials ordered.  Our contractor will meet with you one last time to go over schedules and what you can expect before the project begins. You will have access to your contractor and designer at any time. Our goal is to keep the lines of communications open to allow you to get your questions or concerns answered at any point in time during the project process. We will provide you weekly progress updates to keep you in the loop on budget and schedule.
  • Your Beautiful Home – Our team will set out to make your new space not only beautiful but functional.  We allow you to be a part of the process every step of the way.


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