New Year, New Goals, New Homes


And just like that the holidays are over.  The tree made its way to the composite site and the decorations have been put away.  We took some much needed time to ourselves as a family to be present with our kids.  However, we hope you got some needed rest and downtime to reset for the new year.  And if you are like us, with two very young kiddos that rest time is few and far between.  Either way, we sure hope the holidays brought some rest and rejuvenation to start your new year off right.

As Brandon and I take a minute to reflect on 2018 and all that it encompassed, I think the right thought right now is “phew what a year.”  This past year has been an absolute whirl wind, we conquered and accomplished goals we thought were not achievable and grew exponentially both professionally and personally.  With every business and every part of each of our lives personal or professional we have our ebbs and flows, it is a natural part of our daily life cycle.  Things simply cannot always go the way we want them to.  But the goal is to take each challenge, face it dead in the face and push through it.  And the goal, to hopefully learn something valuable and apply it.

In 2018, our team completed over 30 RENOVATION PROJECTS from bathroom, kitchen and living room remodels to decks, siding, windows, doors, flooring and a complete overhaul of a corporate office space.  We highlighted some of our projects in the blogs gallery.  On the real estate side, Lisa closed a total of 14 closed sales for the year, selling $3.7M in property.  So in short, we are extremely grateful for every supporter and client for your business and support.  THANK YOU for believing in us.

But as we close the book on 2018 we look to 2019 with new goals and plans in mind.  And we cannot wait to share each new milestone along the way.

Wishing you all the best this new year!

Holiday Home Improvement Ideas


It is that time of year again.  We are all in the midst of the holiday craze with event after event and finishing up last minute projects to close out 2018.  And for some it can be a time where we finally can use the holidays to catch some much needed down time and start planning for our 2019 year.  So why not start thinking about those much needed home improvement projects now.

Start by prioritizing your projects from what is of most need in the home.  Is it extra space?  If that is the case maybe you need to consider finishing that unfinished basement or speaking with a contractor like ourselves on how you can expand the current home your in.  A great idea to consider is adding on a four season porch.  This provides some extra space for guests to relax and visit especially if you are known to host holiday gatherings.   To keep your room at a consistent temperature it is vital that you work with your contractor to ensure higher quality grade windows are installed.  Especially here in Minnesota where our winters tend to be a bit colder.  And if your existing space or home seems drafty or seems to not be securing air properly, it may be time to think about window replacements.  Our team at Lakewood Homes and Remodeling can walk you through the window installation process and types and styles.

But maybe you are fine with the space you are in but just want to give it a good uplift.  Some easy things you can do are some clean paint on the walls or maybe it is some back splash or new counter-tops in the kitchen.  Or maybe it is as simple as organizing your closets or cleaning out your cupboards or maybe attacking that junk drawer.

But if you are ready to impress your future house guests or looking to give a gift of a home remodel to your spouse this holiday season.  We are here to help.  Schedule a free home consultation today.

2018 Summer Decking

If there is one thing Minnesotan’s have come to terms with when living in this state, it is the highly unpredictable weather.  This year mother nature showed no mercy extending our winter right through the spring.  Our team had plenty of 2018 outdoor jobs lined up waiting for the spring thaw.  And when that spring thaw finally arrived we hit the ground running with a full month of June deck projects.

We decided to feature two decking projects our team completed in June of 2018 that were completed simultaneously on Maple Lake.

Our first project required quite a bit of planning and preparation.  Owners were in need of an addition to their pre-existing deck that would accommodate for wheelchair accessibility.  The new decking on top level allowed for a wheelchair to get access to an elevator that would be able to lift an individual to lower level deck in which our team built another set of wheelchair accessible decks to allow access to boat launch and view of lake.  It was an extreme honor to help this family out with this huge project.  And we sure hope their family member will now be able to get to view the beautiful views of Maple Lake.

Our second project we spent building new steps with two landings to lower level deck on the lake.  We used Treks decking and fascia as well as Westbury Aluminum Railing and solar light caps for a final touch.

Bathroom Remodel – What to Expect


One of the more popular requests we receive here at LakeWood Homes & Remodeling are bathroom remodels.  Most starter and outdated homes come with your standard oak vanities, built in tub/shower combos and a standard vanity and mirror.  Bathrooms can be a great selling point when it comes to selling your home.  But most importantly a stunning bathroom is a great way to swoon your guests in your home.

So how much does a typical bathroom remodel run?  Well that is a great question.  On average our customers can expect to receive a bid anywhere from $8,000 for the most basic upgrades to upwards of $20,000+ for the extensive bathroom re-haul.

We recently took on a bathroom overhaul.  It was a smaller outdated master bath that was dying for some much needed TLC.  Small bathrooms can be a bit of a design challenge but with the right layout and design you can turn some of the smallest bathrooms into one of your favorite rooms in your home.

The clients had some specific requests: upgrade from a single vanity to a double, move the toilet to a more private location, upgrade the shower and tub and switch out the larger window to a smaller private one.  And so our team set to work.

Our team met with our clients and had an initial walk-through of what they can expect.  We asked the client to put together a collage of what they are looking for.  After we had all of the appropriate details our design team set to work.  We put together a few custom blueprints and talked through options with the clients.  Once we were able to get a finalized floor plan we provided a sample 3D image based on the design options our clients provided in their initial collage.  This gives our clients a chance to offer any feedback or final thoughts before the project begins.

The clients were looking for something bright and airy with bright white cabinets and a glass shower.  The previous window was a bit too revealing and the clients wanted a bit more privacy but still wanted the natural light.  So we shrank down the window and replaced with an egress window.

This bathroom was an amazing transformation from outdated to bright and modern.  Do you have a design idea in mind or a project you need help with?  Our team can help take your old drabby room and turn it into your new favorite room in the house.  Contact our team today.

For bathroom design inspiration, follow our Bathroom Design Ideas and Bathroom Projects boards on Pintrest.  Until next time…

– Brandon and Lisa


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